#ThinkReno is a city-wide culture change based on innovation. There are two efforts, strategic planning and citizen engagement, working together to create a better Reno. View the Strategic Plan.


There are two ways to engage and share your ideas:

1. Reno City Council Members Town Hall Meetings

Meet with your Reno City Council representatives! These informal meetings are a great opportunity for you to ask questions, learn more about projects in your ward and city wide and meet your neighbors. The open forum will allow us to discuss a variety of topics – we want to hear from you! Your feedback, ideas and input is crucial as we create a smarter, better Reno. Form more information, please contact Lisa Mann at 334-2025 (mannl@reno.gov) or Barbara DiCianno at 334-3112 (diciannob@reno.gov).

2. Share your ideas at the #ThinkReno idea portal!

The City of Reno’s Mission is to efficiently provide the highest level of services responsive to our community and to enhance the quality of life and economic vitality. ThinkReno.org is a tool to engage the community and city government in the effort to improve our city. Join the conversation by adding an idea, supporting an idea, and sharing your idea with friends.

How Does This Work?  Simply submit a new idea, or weigh in on one of your neighbor’s ideas.  We’ll be watching the conversation and gathering information to help us determine ideas we can bring to the Council and pursue further, so don’t worry if you don’t see a response from us right away.  We want a good, robust discussion on each topic, with as much interaction between citizens as possible.

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