Rated #11 on Tripadvisor best attractions in Reno.

“One of my favorite things”

This is such a beautiful walk to take in downtown Reno, NV. I used to live not very far from Wingfield Park and I would take this walk alone or with my dog just about every day. It was may daily ritual and my way of letting go of all the stress from the daily grind by watching the river flow its course. I especially loved the stroll in the summer, because a lot of other people are out and about and it’s just a great atmosphere. This path also shows you the good river floating spots and the grassy areas beside the banks are great place to have a picnic or just lay out in the sun and shade for awhile. – Karissa86, Reno, Nevada (Tripadvisor)


Reno went the extra mile when they turned this part of the river into a beautiful spot in Reno. You can take your family for a picnic and cool off in the cool water of the Truckee. Be careful the currents are very strong here and can be dangerous. There are however places for the little ones to play in the water. There are concerts in the park most of the summer and the river is lined with restaurants and places to get an ice cream cone, drink, and to even see a movie. There is lots of shade along the paved walk. You will see lots of dogs enjoying the walkways and the river.
– DebM, Reno, Nevada (Tripadvisor)

“Very pleasant stroll”

Great walk with many restaurants, coffee spots, and people & pets. It’s a good walk for those that generally don’t walk; lots of spots to sit & watch the world go by. – Jackocalgary_AB, Calgary, Canada (Tripadvisor)

“Lot’s of fun”

You can get in the river, do a pub crawl or just have a nice walk and people watch….I did 2 of the 3. – Steve H, Tacoma, Washington (Tripadvisor)

“Very Romantic”

Our hotel (Plaza) was located right next to the Truckee river. Everyday we would stroll the river walk, maybe grab a bite to eat and sit on one of the many benches and watch kayakers maneuver their way along the river. It’s a beautiful site, w/ the mountains in the background and the city landscape. – Skyler (Yahoo)

“Great Wine Walk”

They have a wine walk every third Saturday from 2-5 that is a lot of fun…never knew how many interesting shops, museums even magic theatre’s they had around Reno. – Sean (Yahoo)