We find that our success comes not only from our patrons but also from our the overwhelming support from our media and business partners

Since the opening of Riverwalk in the late 1990’s, the area has had a continuous flow of people of every age group, ethnicity and background. Kayakers, skate boards, bikes and dog-walkers traverse the Riverwalk on a daily basis. The overriding spirit seems to be of camaraderie among the patrons, partners and joy over having a first-class whitewater park, expansive park area, retail and a culinary wunderlust all within a short walk.

The success of the Riverwalk not only comes from the support of it’s patrons but it also comes from the dedication from it’s media and business partners. Through there support we are able to continue to develop and market the Riverwalk area as a safe and fun place to live, work and play.

Below is a list of our supporters who help make the Riverwalk a wonderful place to live, work and play.


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