Trevor J. Leppek

Business: Noble Pie Parlor, Monolith, Pignic Pub and Patio

Member since: 2011



Bio: Trevor’s background consists of his former role as brand manager and an expertise in the development of Timepieces and consumer products from the initial concept to production grade product. He managed the Skagen Denmark White Label and Grenen Denmark brands, monitoring the product life-cycles and bringing new product to market. Working with the Skagen Designs international offices he provided creative direction and liaised with designers to create compelling and innovative product. He also liaised with marketing, sales, customer service and retailers updating them on new product introductions and providing brand direction.

While his professional expertise may be in the development of consumer products his passion of development crosses over to his love for food and wine. Having worked at multiple taverns and fine dining establishments over the years, Trevor has gained knowledge of the restaurant business through observation and hands on experience. These experiences have also ignited his insatiable hunger to learn classical training in his home kitchen as well as the latest techniques the culinary world has to offer.

Trevor truly has the entrepreneurial spirit and is not afraid to get his hands dirty.

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