The River Ride Trail

Biking in Reno has a long history and is an honored hobby in our area since the early 1800s with the Reno Wheelman. The Riverwalk District along with the rest of the northern Nevada area continue to  evolve with paths, programs and participation – making it a better city to bike in.

The Riverwalk has one of the prettiest paths to bike or walk along. The trail  runs from the Idlewilde Park area eastward along the Truckee River through downtown along the Reno Riverwalk and runs all the way to the very eastern end of the city of Sparks. This trail is approximately 12 miles in length. It passes many parks and recreational areas. You will bike through industrial areas, wetlands, marshes, historical markers and residences all the while never leaving the banks of the Truckee River.

The trail is accessible through a variety of entrances along the route. This is an easy ride for children, adults and novice riders. Very few street intersections exist

For maps and information on these rides you can reference any local bookstore or check out the links to the local bike shops for further information. Or visit Sierra Cycle Smith, and the City of Reno.

Key Points of the Ride

Truckee River Path

Distance 10 miles
Elevation Gain 200 feet
1. Path travels from East Sparks through downtown to Mayberry Drive in West Reno.
2. Traffic is mild most of the time.
3. There are breaks in the path due to construction and other issues but for the most part it is very nice.
4. Stop by the Water park and Wingfield Park where many events are held year round.
5. This pat is easy to ride and there is virtually no climbing involved. Suited for all ages.

RIDE SAFELY! Here are some basic tips for riding along the Riverwalk


· Ride with traffic and follow traffic laws. (Call the Office of Traffic Safety at 775-684-7470 to get a pocket guide of Nevada’s Bike Laws)

· Wear brightly colored and/or reflective clothing even during the day.

Increasing your chances of being easily seen is a good thing.

· Use lights and reflectors. A big bright shiny light that can be seen at least 500 ft. in front, reflectors on the sides of your bike, and a bright red tail light that can be seen 30 to 500 ft. from the back of your bike.

· Put a mirror on your bicycle and keep an eye on what’s around you.

· Pick the loudest horn you can find, and use it!

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