The Riverwalk Merchants Association, a non-profit coalition of 40+ energetic business owners located along the Riverwalk in Downtown Reno raises money to donate to the beautification and rehabilitation of downtown Reno. The (RWMA) has developed the Beautification program with the goal that funds can be raised that would allow the association to complete the maintenance and rehabilitation of our most valuable neighborhood, by removing the overgrown weeds, re-landscape the neglected medians, oversee maintenance of the parks and streets, install public art, support public events and continue our goal to promote Downtown Reno as a cultural, safe, and family-friendly area.

Every dollar raised will help establish a safer and cleaner area downtown by improving signage, repairing damaged artwork, generating cleaning programs and proposing new landscaping concepts. Anyone can donate funds and all donations can be made through the website or mailed directly to the Association.

The Riverwalk Merchants Association needs help from every member of our community. By donating to our beautification program you are able to become a part of our goals to rehabilitate poorly landscaped and blighted areas of the Riverwalk Corridor. Funding allows our association to replace broken or damaged signage, increase police awareness, sponsor public events, clean-up neglected areas, develop recycling programs and help with the installation of public art.


Beautification improvements are fundamental elements that contribute to the quality of life, vitality of downtown shopping, economy and entertainment for locals and visitors. Our organization is committed to keeping downtown Reno a great place to do business, enjoy life, raise a family, entertain, and appreciate the arts and culture of Nevada.

Our organization sponsors a variety of monthly events and provides donations to various local charities and other non-profit organizations focused on art, theater, health, animals and families. We continually work with the City of Reno and Reno Redevelopment to improve downtown parking, landscaping, crime reduction, special events, and other related projects. We are affiliated with the Downtown Improvement Association, West Street Market, and other organizations which work to make a small business profitable and pleasurable
Your support is greatly appreciated in making Reno a wonderful place to live, work and play!

Mail your donations to:
Riverwalk Merchants Association
Beautification Program
P.O. Box 1606 • Reno, NV 89505